CALM Alpha The Betawave

CALM Beta Wave is a place for me to my thoughts preceding the up coming CALM Alpha event in Wokenfield Park, Reading.

I’ve named the blog CALM Beta Wave in an attempt to find SOMETHING that comes before ALPHA… the only thing that I could come up with… Beta waves precede Alpha waves when coming to a more relaxed state. Beta waves are the “normal” state of the mind, alpha waves being the “calmer” state.

Over the next few weeks I plan to post some thought concerning Complexity, Cynefin, Agile and Lean. My hope is to clarify and refine some of my thoughts around the subjects before the upcoming event. I hope some of you out there listening at the end of the various intertubes will find something interesting to ponder, maybe I can even inspire/provoke some of you into commenting.

Briefly as a warning… I am attempting to PUBLISH thoughts QUICKLY. You can expect that some of them may not withstand sustained scrutiny, failure is definitely an option. The point here is to expand the conversation around these subjects, I’ll do my best not to waste anyones time, and I certainly don’t INTEND to embarrass myself, however this Complexity stuff is Complicated, and experts are definitely going to lock horns occasionally.

Thanks for joining me.