CALM Alpha BookBan

this post is a bit less “serious” than the last one… enjoy

If you are like me, juggling half-read books is a big problem. I love reading multiple books at once and making serendipitous connections between them, but when I have specific reading to accomplish, juggling just doesn’t work.

I forget which books I’ve started, I go down rabbit holes of references and wikipedia articles. My curiosity gets the best of me and the next thing I know I’ve blown 8 hours of reading time without finishing the articles or book I set out to consume.

To help me focus on specific reading for upcoming conferences and papers I am working on, I’ve started using BookBans to limit my RIP. As a prime example, while Joseph Pelrine’s “Reading up for CALM-Alpha” list is very welcome, I need some structure in my consumption. February is almost on top of us already.

Time to limit my RIP (Reading In Progress).

I’ve set up a BookBan for the “Reading up for CALM Alpha” list… I thought I’d share.

Introducing… Jabe’s CALM Alpha BookBan 

Personal Kanban is a great way to manage media consumption and it is very simple to use a BookBan.

I even put together a little how-to video:

Play Along at Home

I’ve done most of the work for you here if you’d like to play along. I’ll be glad to share my BookBan as a starting point for yours. The books are all linked and the papers too.

You might want to consider how you read — maybe your columns are different or maybe after you use mine for a little while you’ll realize you like reading in a different way.. and that would be lovely.

Ping me on twitter @cyetain or send me an email (BookBan at calmbetawave dot com) and I’ll be glad to send you a copy of the GoogleDoc based CALM Alpha Bookban. 

Have fun! (and Keep Kanban Weird!)