Devilish Questions

Please imagine, if you will, a clock sitting in front of you. The clock is older, a small mantel piece clock with a pendulum and a large geared movement.

There next to the clock is a small daemon. The daemon has an odd power, he can materialize any of the clock’s parts out of thin air by will.

As you watch, the daemon enters the clock, removes one of the gears, materializes an exact replica of the gear and places the replica back in the appropriate location in the clock.

Oddly, as the small daemon goes about his strange endeavors disassembling and replacing each piece of the clock, he is also building a duplicate clock to the left of the first clock, with the now spare parts.

After sometime the daemon sits to observe his handy work. The two of you are looking at two clocks complete.

The daemon looks back at you smiling mischievously “Tell me, which is the new clock, the one to the left or the one to the right?”