upon those who step into the same rivers, different and again different waters flow.

On Leaving Shepherdstown

I've taken down the Flensted Swallows that flew above my son's crib at the foot of my bed. Even after the crib was long gone, seeing them framed against the white curtains, the morning sun streaming … [Read More...]

On Collecting My Thoughts

I'm interested in the metaphors we use to describe being in uncertainty and I think you should be too. Have you ever noticed how we describe, in the vernacular, our actions when facing uncertainty. … [Read More...]

An Illustrated Guide To Unlimited WIP

* If you feel like the dog at the end of the series, defeated by the amount of work thrown at you. You are not alone. Knowledge workers throughout the world are being overwhelmed by demands to do … [Read More...]

The Social Mind at Work

An understanding of individual and social psychology can enable leaders of and participants in change initiatives to create appropriate conditions for co-evolving systems, resulting in improved … [Read More...]

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