Slick Rock Creek, September


My skin touches the wind A lacewing fly touches my hand. I speak too slow for her to understand. Rock's warm under my hand. It speaks too slow for me to understand. I drink sunlit water.

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May 18, 2024

The Three Economies an Introduction

#Three Economies

For the last few years, during conversations with teams and executives across the globe, I’ve drawn a simple graphic on whiteboards, notepads and giant stickies, one that has led to many great conversations. It looks like this. I think there is a book in that graphic and in those conversations… an exploration of Ashby’s Law, complexity theory, constraints (enabling/governing, top-down and bottom-up), reliability and emergent resilience, diffusion theory, the Commons and the enclosure movement (and recommoning), pluralistic logics and in the end more successful IT organizations.

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March 4, 2020

Devilish Questions


Please imagine, if you will, a clock sitting in front of you. The clock is older, a small mantel piece clock with a pendulum and a large geared movement. There next to the clock is a small daemon. The daemon has an odd power, he can materialize any of the clock’s parts out of thin air by will. As you watch, the daemon enters the clock, removes one of the gears, materializes an exact replica of the gear and places the replica back in the appropriate location in the clock.

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April 3, 2015

On Leaving Shepherdstown

I’ve taken down the Flensted Swallows that flew above my son’s crib at the foot of my bed. Even after the crib was long gone, seeing them framed against the white curtains, the morning sun streaming in, has been a simple pleasure. Now they’ve been carefully packed away to find another window in another place. I’ve also taken apart the Stokke chairs that both the children ate mashed peas, carrots and birthday cake in, 8 cakes for one, 6 for the other.

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June 4, 2014